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Qui sommes-nous ?

La Team

It’s the story of a black man and a Chinese man who decide to enchant the daily life.
It sounds like a joke? It’s true, at the beginning of our adventure, in 2005, everyone thought our idea was crazy.
But to revolutionize street marketing with advertising street performances, we saw it as a formidable playground for brands.
The sequel proved us right. We were pioneers of flashmobs and other viral advertising stunts that made us all the rage.
Since then, we have remained focused on the same objective: to fight against conformism with great strokes of creativity.

Our range has grown from street to brand experience, before taking an extra step today with Reveal Your Special.
The black and Chinese have been joined by a Belgian (it’s still no joke;-) and a whole team of great collaborators, partners and customers.
And to accommodate all this effervescence, we went from a Parisian studio, to four feet on the ground in Europe:
Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Welcome to our home.

A European agency

Azilis x The Oval Office

Azilis and The Oval Office have pooled their resources and the knowledge of their respective markets to accompany brands in developing and deploying their communications on a European scale. More than just another agency network, theirs is a merger with equity investment to foster a powerful synergy.

A leading agency in Belgium, The Oval Office is also very active in The Netherlands. A self-described “experience-driven communications agency”, it develops hybrid campaigns using the strong brand experience residing at the heart of its reactor. Founded in 2012 by Wouter BOITS and driven by a European vision, the group comprises over 60 experts stationed throughout its offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam. The Oval Office’s clients include brands like Google, BMW, Randstad, AB Inbev, Proximus, Nintendo, Adobe, SD Worx, and the Belgian government.

Wouter Boits, CEO, The Oval Office: “We live in a globalized world. Creating Europe is a precious battle we can’t afford to leave to the politicians. It’s up to us, the citizens and the companies, to create this Europe. Brands have power as well as an enormous responsibility in this regard. The partnership with Azilis will propel our respective skills and give us a strategic presence in France, in addition to Belgium and The Netherlands. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us and our clients, with an unprecedented potential for transnational thinking and deployment.”

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This is Azilis

Our Offices in Paris


Thanks to them, impossible is no longer possible

Our partners

Explorer constamment de nouveaux territoires, ne signifie pas y aller à l’aveugle. Nous avons nos éclaireurs, des partenaires pointus, solides et fidèles.
Geeks, chirurgiens des médias, passionnés de film, influenceurs et leaders d’opinions, sondiers, amoureux du papier, génies de la lampe, bâtisseurs contre l’apesanteur, fines bouches…

Ensemble, nous challengeons nos idées et ouvrons le champ des possibles, pour révéler le special de nos clients avec audace, empathie et exigence.

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